Water Payment Options

The Board of Directors of Harris County Municipal Utility District No 148 is pleased to announce that we have added a number of new ways to establish new service or pay your water bill. Some of the payments options have fees associated with them. These fees are passed through to customers who initialize the service. Here are the ways you may establish new service or pay your water bill:

New Service

To establish new service, please download and fill out the New Service Request Form in its entirety. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file. Once you have completed the form, you can establish new service using one of the following methods:

Fax (281) 895-9147
Mail P.O. Box 680529 Houston, TX 77268
E-Mail Debbie Kinsey

IMPORTANT! The following is required when establishing new service within the district:

$25.00 Non refundable connection fee
$125.00 Security deposit for homeowners
$250.00 Security deposit for renters

Required Documents:
Proof of ownership / lease agreement
Proof of identification

New service information is required prior to setting up service and fees are to be made by money order.

Please allow enough time for each request. For questions, please call (281) 895-8547.

Pay My Bill Click here to pay online!


As Always you can mail your payment with the coupon in the return envelope provided, using the materials provided to insure the proper and timely posting to your account.


You may pay your bill at Fiesta located at 9419 Mesa Dr (@Tidwell), Houston, TX 77028. You will need to have your payment coupon to make payments at the store. There is a $1.00 service charge each time you use this service.


You may pay by credit card with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover on the Internet. To make an online payment click here . There is a 5% access fee per transaction to use this payment method. You can also use your credit card to make a payment by phone. Please call (281) 895-8547.


You may continue to pay your bill on-line through your bill payment services. There is no charge from your water district to use payments method. However, the transfer, depending on the bill pay services you use, may now occur electronically. Thus reducing the time your payment to be credited to your account.


You may now pay your water bill using the Direct Payment Plan. No late payments! Saves valuable time! It’s so easy! This option allows you to set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account each month to pay your water bill. To get started, fill out the Direct Payment Plan Form or contact Customer Service at (281) 895-8547 to get the appropriate form(s). Once the drafting begins, your bill will be notated as “Bank Draft”. You will be charged $1.00 per transaction for this service. Payments should post to your water account by the due date of your water bill.

Please note that neither the District nor the Providers listed above will be responsible for your payment being late. It is recommended that you contact Water WasteWater Management Services's (WWWMS) office to pay any bill that is unpaid and has a due date within two days. You may contact WWWMS at (281) 895-8547 for future information.

The above options are not available for non-sufficient fund items or terminated services payment. Customers with non-sufficient fund items and terminated services must come to one of WWWMS’s offices located at order to settle their accounts.